Laura’s Story

It was a normal day in Laura’s life. The weather that day was amazing, a beautiful cold but sunny winters day. Laura, Arron & Ava were busily preparing for a wonderful Christmas, life was great in the Winter household!

Aaron headed off to the gym at Norton Manor Camp and Laura was preparing for work. It was 4:30 now and Laura hadn’t heard from Aaron, this was particularly unusual as Aaron was a stickler for time keeping and was never late! Having to get to work at a local restaurant, Laura  quickly arranged childcare for Ava and headed off to work. She felt uneasy as Aaron was never late so decided to do an out of character thing and call the local hospital. Sure enough Aaron had been admitted and she was to attend the hospital as soon as she possibly good.

Her world was about to change for ever! Watch the powerful story of “Climbing The Hill” a story of one woman’s world being turned upside down and how the charity Go Commando stepped in to help get her life back on track with one very simple but effective gesture.